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From your scale plan calculate the area of your deck in square metres. Each pack of decking shows the area it covers. Divide the area of your deck by the area covered by one pack to see how many packs to buy. Work out how many posts and rails you need. If you're unsure ask for assistance in store and make sure you bring your deck plan with you.【Get Price】

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L x W = Decking Surface Area (DSA) in m2. Step 2: Calculate the coverage of your deck boards. Add the deck board width (W) to the Expansion Gap Length (EGL). Add the deck board's Length (L) to the Expansion Gap Width (EGW). Multiple these numbers together. (W + EGL) x (L + EGW) = Single Board Coverage (SBC) in m2.【Get Price】

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In this guide - a complete decking build process including... Before You Start Your Build. – Decking terminology anatomy. – Working safely with decking. Step 1: Preparing The Garden Oversite. Step 2: Building The Deck Frame. Step 3: Attaching The Deck Frame To A Building. Step 4: Fixing Your Joists.【Get Price】

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Clamp the deck board in a workbench and saw. If cutting a wide or thick piece of timber clamp a straight-edge along the marked line to provide a straight accurate cut all the way through the timber. Step 2: If using a jigsaw. Clamp the deck board face side up in a workbench and slowly cut along the line. How to Build a simple Ground level Deck in a weekend - to Lay Decking: B M's Step-By-Step to lay decking on uneven ground: 2 Simple Level Decking - on slabs or just gravel? | DIY To Lay Decking On Grass: A Step-By-Step Guide【Get Price】