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Laminate flooring repair kits commonly include wax pencils colored putty a putty knife or similar tool and detailed color-matching instructions. If you don’t know what manufacturer made the flooring take a sample plank portion to the hardware store; purchase a laminate flooring Do It Yourself (DIY) repair kit matching the sample color as closely as possible. Then get ready to mix custom putty colors. Pro Tip: Wax pencils and floor repair …【Get Price】

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22:13May 24 2011 Whether your laminate flooring has minor chips and scratches or water-damaged boards repairing it is a project you can do yourself with the right tools and technique. To fix minor damage all you need is a laminate floor repair kit with putty to fix big chips or a floor repair …100/100【Get Price】

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First use a sample of your laminate flooring if you have one to find a touch-up or repair kit in a matching color. Use the marker crayon putty or pencil in the kit to fill in the …总时间: 3 小时【Get Price】

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Oct 11 2020 Use these steps to help you assess and repair buckling and lifting laminate floors. Step 1: Figure out why your laminate floors got damaged in the first place. Problems like water damage and high heat should be addressed and fixed. If a poor expansion gap is the problem you’ll want to avoid making the same mistake when installing new laminate. Step 2: 【Get Price】