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DIY Paper Bag Floor: How to Apply Paper Bag Flooring

Feb 04 2016 Cut the brown paper bags into even strips or blocks and it can mimic wood planks or tile or—as in this tutorial—tear it into irregular shapes for a floor that resembles marble. Manasa Reddigari【Get Price】

2 Steps to Create a Paper Bag Floor that Looks Like Wood ...

Mar 30 2016 Step 1- I cut strips of brown builder paper with a utility knife 5” by 36”(the length of the paper roll). These strips of paper were the beginning of my faux wood floor. When staggered on the floor they actually simulate planks of wood! Note: If you prefer a narrower wood plank just adjust your measurements to 3″ Step 2- Once I had a bunch of these paper strips cut I painted a wood grain on the paper …Author Website How To Videos Supply List Contact Paper Bag Floor Instructions【Get Price】

Paper Bag Flooring - How to

Paper bag flooring wood plank style see below OR paper bag flooring slate style click here. cut the strips of paper. I chose to use a straight edge across the full length of the paper roll (36″). I chose a plank width of 5″. You can use a piece of wood for a template …【Get Price】

Paper Bag Flooring - A Complete Step by Step Guide ...

A few years ago while searching for a cost effective way to upgrade my ugly worn floors I stumbled upon the idea of paper bag flooring. After a tremendous amount of research trial and error and some personal creativity I have found a way to create a wood plank technique of paper bag flooring that literally saved me thousands of dollars ...【Get Price】

Remodelaholic | DIY Faux Wood Flooring Using Brown Paper

Mar 13 2021 Step 1: Cut your strips of paper. These thick strips of paper will be your faux wood planks. I used a piece of wood that was the width of the planks I wanted to create (5 inches). I rolled out the paper about 5 feet at a time laid the board width wise on the paper (so at least my ends of planks …105【Get Price】