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Family Run Business Since 1988. Family founded and operated by Tony Da Rosa and his two brothers Renato and Luis since 1988 Antique Hardwood flooring offers you classic timeless and finely crafted hardwood flooring that you will love be easy to maintain and will last for many years. Tony Renato and Luis encourage you to custom create ...【Get Price】

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Designed to simulate the hand-forged nails of the late 1700's our decorative wrought head nails feature a three-sided head and are ideal for authentic restoration or antique effect. Made of solid steel with a matte black oxide coating they are useful for attaching rough sawn siding face-nailing flooring batten doors paneling countertops ...【Get Price】

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De-Nailing Salvaged Antique Floor Joists. There's no magic bullet for pulling hard old cut nails from antique hardwood floor joists — but there are lots of techniques. February 14 2010. I recently had the chance to salvage 125 year old white oak floor joists. I managed to get ~400 board feet in …【Get Price】

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Jul 30 2010 This is a hardwood veneer applied over lower-grade pine flooring (originally meant to be carpeted). The strips of flooring tend to be quite narrow (typically 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches wide). They are face-nailed meaning they are not tongue and groove but simply tacked down with finish nails into the joists. 【Get Price】

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>Antique Nails: History Photo Examples of Old Nails Help Determine Age of a Structure Building hardware age: door window hardware knobs latches hinges screws nails. This article describes and illustrates antique modern hardware: door knobs latches hinges window latches hardware nails screws can help determine a building's age by noting how those parts were fabricated: by ...【Get Price】

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A combination of white and red oak Antique Oak flooring is characterized by nail holes sound cracks checking wormholes. It presents a variety of rustic colorations and … 【Get Price】

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Sep 05 2013 It is very uncommon to install antique cut nails in hardwood flooring or antique wood flooring. If you decide to face nail your installer will determine the size of the nail you need and the nailing pattern they will use. More Installation Information. You can view and download more information on installation here. – – – – – – 【Get Price】

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Quick Shop. Pyramid Head Clavos nails - 1 x 1 from $19.95 $19.96. Pyramid Head Clavos nails - 1 x 1 . $19.95 $19.96. Notify me when this product is available: Pyramid head clavos nails. Square with a raised pyramid shaped head and mage of solid... View full product details ».【Get Price】

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How to Refinish Floors With Antique Nail Heads. Most hardwood floors are installed with invisible nails and those that aren't are either old or intended to look old. Top-nailing became ...【Get Price】

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Large Pocket Door -003 $1450. Door 23.75in four-panel $125. Slate Chalkboard-s $200. Window Security Grates $50. Built-In Cabinet-s $1200. Porcelain drinking water fountain bubbler $250. School House Globes Light Fixtures $50. Bathroom Sink 1934 Pale Yellow Cabriole Chrome Legs $650. Marble Bust Romeo and Juliet $3200.【Get Price】