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Floor joist become deck joist question - Fine Homebuilding. The floor joists from inside the house extend out about eight feet from the siding to become the deck joists. There are some cantalevered 6×8’s but most are 4×8’s that are supported by a header resting on some columns. Some of these joists are rotten and need to be replaced.【Get Price】

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Building a deck extends the living space outdoors and is an extension of floor construction. The terms used for both and their purposes are often interchangeable. The outer joists in a building usually support studs while the outer deck joists often support railing posts. 【Get Price】

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for injury should the deck break apart from the house it's important to select the right type of bolt Deck Construction Recommended Guidelines - Harfo Footings must extend a minimum of 30 spans between posts and/or extend more than 14 feet out from the house. same size as the deck floor joists.【Get Price】

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infrating How to Build an Extension to Your Deck - DIY Network . Step 8: Install the Deck Floor. Begin installing the deck floor with 5/4 decking boards arranging the planks in any design you like. Keep in mind however that .... [ Contact US]【Get Price】

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18/10/2019 The process is to design the joist extension for the specified load. If L is the length of cantilever M = w*L 2 /2. Your drawing shows the end of joist to be 2'-11 3/4 from the outside face of wall. This is not good structural dimensioning; better to provide a dimension to Gridline 12.Any suggestions on how to proceed are appreciated.You could provide them with the actual DL and LL that the joist extension needs to be designed for.What joist spacing do you have? 1000 plf seems to indicate you have a 20' joist spacing w/ a roof LL of 20 psf and DL of 30 psf.I would be surprised if they can't make the cantilever work. They designed it for 3 feet and it needs to be 3'-5 ? That's a 30% increase but the m...Quote (Plan) JOIST ENGINEER TO DESIGN SCISSOR JOISTS FOR: -ROOF LIVE LOAD OF 400 PLF -ROOF DEAD LOAD OF 600 PLF -TOTAL ROOF LOAD OF 1000 PLF ([email protected] I am new to this indstry but should there be an explicit joist extensions DL LL to design scissor joist for? Or is it as simple as de...Quote (OP ) I am new to this indstry but should there be an explicit joist extensions DL LL to design scissor joist for? Only if it differs [email protected] Would it be possible to use a live load reduction for the joist extension design? From your previous post it seems that 1000 plf is the...Quote: @Once20036 Would this just be LL = 20 psf as stated in ASCE 7? For the dead load we typically use 25 psf. Of course it is possible to use [email protected] I will have to look at the general notes section to see if it mentions something else (my computer crashed while I was looking at the ac...【Get Price】

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2:1829/08/2018 HGTV designer Brian Patrick Flynn wanted to make the most of unusable rough outdoor terrain—so he extended his deck to add extra space and valuable room for... Wood Naturally【Get Price】

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What is a cantilevered floor joist? Cantilever: A cantilever is an extension of a floor joist beyond a supporting wall or beam. The distance that one may cantilever a floor joist depends on the width of the. Click to see full answer.【Get Price】

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Extending a deck by sistering joists helps to tie the old and new sections together and is similar to cantilevering except it requires additional supports being installed to carry the extension. Remove the rim joist to expose the existing joists and beam. 【Get Price】

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• Joists are laterally braced by roof deck • All joist design requirements are specifically stated on structural drawings • Loads are distributed to panel points BETTER PARTNERS. BETTER PRODUCTS. BETTER OUTCOMES. Steel Joist Institute • SJI Specification is a performance spec • References load table • Specifies how joist is to be designed【Get Price】

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An extension designates a continuances beyond the normal bearing of the joists. The extension can be the top chord only or the full depth of the joist in which case it is referred to as a cantilever joist. Using Zamil Steel joist and deck system for flooring and roof construction has proven itself to be a most advantageous solution.【Get Price】