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Young's Modulus (Modulus of Elasticity) of Wood

89 Young's Modulus of Woods Along the Longitudinal Axis Kind of Wood Moisture content Young's Modulus (Modulus of Elasticity) MPa 10 6 psi Hardwoods Alder red Green 8100 1.17 12% 9500 1.38 Ash white Green 9900 1.44 12KIND OF WOODMOISTURE CONTENTYOUNG'S MODULU…YOUNG'S MODULUS (MODU…Alder redGreen81001.17Alder red12%95001.38Ash whiteGreen99001.44Ash white12%120001.74 89 【Get Price】

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Mainly used for building materials furniture logistics packaging and other industries. By heat of plastic and wood powder mixed by a certain percentage of extruded sheet known as extruded wood plastic composite sheet. ECO 100% Waterproof Anti-UV 90% Fireproof 65%.【Get Price】

Young's Modulus - Tensile and Yield Strength for some common …

Young's Modulus or Tensile Modulus alt. Modulus of Elasticity - and Ultimate Tensile and Yield Strength for steel glass wood and other common materials 1 Pa (N/m 2) = 1x10-6 N/mm 2 = 1.4504x10-4 psi 1 MPa = 10 6 Pa (N/m 2) = 0.145x10 3 psi (lb f /in 2) = 0.145 ksi ...【Get Price】

Lumber Design Values

Lumber Design Values. Design values provided herein are for Western softwood species manufactured and shipped by mills in the 12 contiguous Western states and Alaska. Except as otherwise noted the values are computed in accordance with ASTM standards based on clear-wood tests or on tests of full-size pieces in specific grades.【Get Price】

Plastic Rigidity Material Stiffness Units Formula Table

It is called as “modulus of elasticity in bending” but other names are also used such as modulus of elasticity elastic modulus or simply modulus. The International Standard unit of Flexural Modulus is the pascal (Pa or N/m 2 or The practical units ...【Get Price】

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12–3 Chapter 12 Mechanical Properties of Wood-Based Composite Materials ASTM D 7031 for wood–plastic composites and ASTM D 7341 for glulam products. Shear Modulus Shear modulus also called modulus of rigidity indicates the resistance to deflection ofCited by: 58【Get Price】

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PVC Pipe PVC Pipe Manufacturers Industrial Pipe GF Harvel PVC pipe is ideal for numerous applications including chemical Tensile Modulus of Elasticity @ 73 F PSI 420000 430000 ASTM D638. PVC Properties Vinidex The elastic modulus yield stress and ...【Get Price】


2303.1.1 Sawn lumber.. Sawn lumber used for load-supporting purposes including end-jointed or edge-glued lumber machine stress-rated or machine-evaluated lumber shall be identified by the grade mark of a lumber grading or inspection agency that has been approved by an accreditation body that complies with DOC PS 20 or equivalent. Grading practices and identification shall comply with rules ...【Get Price】

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and for elastomeric and elasto-plastic foams so a distinction between them has to be made in the analysis of foams. 1.2.1 - Linear elasticity The linear elastic behaviour of a foam is characterized by a set of moduli that depends on its (an)isotropy.【Get Price】

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PVC-M (modified) is rigid and has improved toughness particularly in impact. The elastic modulus yield stress and ultimate tensile strength are generally lower than PVC-U. These properties depend on the type and amount of modifier used. PVC (plasticised) is less rigid; has high impact strength; is easier to extrude or mould; has lower ...【Get Price】

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Modulus of elasticity (MOE) testing Technically it’s a measurement of the ratio of stress placed upon the wood compared to the strain (deformation) that the wood exhibits along its length. MOE is expressed in pounds-force per square inch (lb f /in 2) or gigapaschals (GPa).) or gigapaschals (GPa).【Get Price】