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Because treated wood is intended to extend the usefulness and life of wood fewer trees are required to perform the same function that is required when untreated …【Get Price】

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03/09/2019 The cost of treated over untreated is pennies. However you will probably use CLS timber which will be supplied untreated. In some parts of the country susceptible to …Rotten timber lintels16/03/2017Options for coating planed timber26/03/2014wood preserver for planed timber09/02/2012tiled canopy - size of timber to use12/04/2011 【Get Price】

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There’s no getting away from the fact that untreated wood flooring is significantly more labour intensive and time consuming to install than treated wood flooring. …【Get Price】

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26/07/2019 Treated wood — also known as pressure-treated wood or PT — is widely available to consumers for home and garden projects. You can find treated lumber plywood … 【Get Price】

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As a result of the added components pressure treated lumber is bulkier than the untreated lumber. It can be hard to cut. What is more is that it will cost you more … 【Get Price】

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13/07/2012 T2 Blue is an internal timber only I would use either T3 Green or preferably H2 / H3 these timbers are suitable for outdoor use T2 Blue will Rot if subjected to …MGP10 untreated pine for a deck29/07/2018Need Advice: Treated pine decking timber11/03/2011Treated Pine vs Hardwood decking timber - pros and cons?01/02/2009HW decking over Treated Pine?24/01/2008 【Get Price】

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The weatherproofing also can bleed out for up to a year. So this means you can't stain it or treat it with anything until then. Otherwise it will ruin your stain.Top responsesDoes he mean pressure treated lumber? That option makes sense if you will need to leave it outside. But considering it's made with known carcinogens it would …read more8 votesUnless your table is going to be outside or touching dirt full time there is no need for treated lumber when building a work table. Also I find that wood …read more7 votesI'm building one out of a reclaimed kitchen countertop/cabinet next weekend. I'm going to use 1 1/2 board on the top. I got a heavy duty vice at auction $17 and …read more1 vote查看全部【Get Price】

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Yellow/white means no treatment. PT wood is treated so the effects of time/insects/water do not have as much effect---the wood lasts much longer than untreated …【Get Price】

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Untreated lumber is the closest you will get to all natural wood unless you fell your own tree. Treated lumber is infused with chemicals to resist deterioration …【Get Price】

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Treated vs. Untreated TimberClassification Based on Hazard LevelsThe Preservation ProcessesIf you prefer to go the natural way untreated timber should be your choice. Besides it is cheaper when compared to treated wood. Considering that it’s free from chemicals this is the ideal for projects involving people and food. However there is a trade-off to this; cheap is expensive in the long run. Untreated timber lacks longevity and will not serve you for as long as you’d have anticipated. So why should you opt for treated timber? The main reason is increasing its longevity. Forces of nature are the …【Get Price】