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9/21/2010 over the last 3 weeks i have found 5 clusters of black dots. they look exactly like someone has taken a black pen and just done a cluster of between 20-30 dots. so far i have found a cluster on ds1's pillow on ds'1s bedroom floor (lino) on the hall floor (laminate) on the leather sofa and today on the cofee table. i know it wasn't ds as he wasn't here today to do them on the coffe table. it isn't ink they washed off the pillow sofa and both floors … 【Get Price】

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9/30/2020 I keep on finding clusters of small black dots no more than 1mm in size appearing on work surfaces in the office and kitchen. Please see the attached image below.【Get Price】

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11/17/2004 Outdoors in spring and fall cars and walls can get covered with what look like spots of black paint about 1 mm in diameter. They come from the artillery fungus. It grows in composting matter such as leaves. The spots are spores mixed with glue. The fungus can throw these spots several yards. 【Get Price】

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2/4/2014 Chemicals present in the floor coating process (water formic and acetic acids and others) can stimulate electrochemical cell activity which also accelerates the rate of corrosion between metal and wood. Such chemicals can create lower oxygen levels which also tend to create black rust.【Get Price】

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Have itchy red bump with black dot at center on forearm. black dot removed by squeezing bt itch remais. ...【Get Price】

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Carpenter ant frass typically collects in attics basements and crawlspaces near open or bare wooden frames or woodworks. They may also be found in living areas especially if the ants have been gorging on the flooring different wooden structures and other building/home materials. The droppings of carpenter ants appear like sawdust.【Get Price】

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They may just be someone guessing. Another option to rule out is fungal infection. A fungal infection can also display as small flat black dots. This is much easier to deal with of course as you can use a candida cleanse as well as topical treatments for candida/fungus on the genital area.【Get Price】

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5/2/2010 They look a lot like ground pepper - black and pale brown tiny spherical specks. They are odorless and hard. They don't move but scatter randomly across my desk. They look more like poppy seeds than anything relating to insects or animals. Context: this is a small study off my kitchen. It is the only place they appear in the house.【Get Price】

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6/16/2011 a bit yes. but not as noticeable as the black spots. They have been numerous spots. They start as small dots and then turn larger and clear5/5(3.3K)【Get Price】

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9/28/2006 The coffee grounds are fecal pellets are kicked out of the colony by workers. Your need to take action now to minimize damage caused by the termites. If the infestation is in the early stages...【Get Price】