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251 to 1000 pieces: $2.18. 1001 + pieces: $2.10. Discount pricing will be visible after adding to shopping cart. Interested in larger quantities? Contact us directly …【Get Price】

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Flat Seam Panels. AVAILABLE MATERIALS: Copper Lead Coated Copper Pre Weathered Zinc Patina Copper OTHER: CopperCraft flat seam panels are available in …【Get Price】

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any application that would use copper or lead-coated copper. It may be used not only for roofs but also to form most architectural accents gutters downspouts … 【Get Price】

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Part 1-GeneralPart 2-ProductsPart 3-Execution1.1 SUMMARY1. Section Includes:EDIT LIST BELOW TO SUIT PROJECT. 1.1. Flat seam copper roofing. 1.2. Flat locked and soldered (flat seam soldered) roofing. 1.3. Standing-seam copper roofing. 1.4. Batten-seam copper roofing. 1.5. Horizontal-seam (Bermuda type) copper roofing. 1.6. Custom-designed copper roofing.RET…1.2 COORDINATION1. Coordinate copper roofing with rain drainage work flashing gutters downspouts trim and construction of decks parapets walls and other adjoining work to provide permanently watertight secure and noncorrosive installation.1.3 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTSDESIGN PROFESSIONAL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DESIGNING SYSTEM INCLUDING ANCHORAGE FASTENER SIZE AND SPACING. 1. Installation Requirements: Fabricator is responsible for installing system including anchorage to substrate and necessary modifications to meet specified and drawn req…【Get Price】

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Lead Coated Copper. Dark Patina Lead Coated Copper. Lead coated copper is produced by dipping a copper sheet in hot molten lead coating both sides with pure lead.【Get Price】

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SlopeFlat-Lock MetalsFlat-Lock Installation ChecklistFlat-lock roofing is called for on any roof with a pitch less than 3:12. On steeper roofs standing-seam metal should be used.【Get Price】

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35 (a) Casing installation including spacers and end seals; and (b) casing isolators installed on a coated steel pipe .....35 36 Drawing of test station …【Get Price】

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lead clad steel and can be omitted when fixing lead sheet. LOT SIZES. Fixing Clips: Copper 300mm (or 600mm) x 50mm x 0.6mm 10 per pack Stainless Steel 300mm (or …【Get Price】 Architectural Details: Roofing Systems ...

Copper roofing is typically constructed using 16 oz. or 20 oz. cold rolled copper sheets. Sheets can be either preformed or formed in the field into pans. Pans up to …【Get Price】

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Panel does NOT endlap — contact Fabral about long length roof runs PRE-Installation: Note 1: Lead and copper flashings from existing chimneys skylights …【Get Price】