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Jun 23 2017 Often made from a southern pine infused with a chemical to make it resistant to rot moisture and insects this widely available decking material is generally the least expensive option ... 【Get Price】

PVC Decking Reviews Best Brands and Prices 2021

Jan 08 2020 With PVC you'll mainly deal with capped and uncapped decking. Simply put capped PVC boards will have an extra layer of protection. That comes at an additional cost but typically includes a longer warranty period. Uncapped PVC decking is just as durable structurally but sans the extra layer on top and cheaper.What types of mats are best for use on PVC decking?With any brand of PVC decking you want to stick to mats that are woven with colorfast fibers. That means rubber-backed mats are out but vinyl pro...What is the optimal joist spacing for PVC decking installation?While you should always refer to the installation manual for the product in question 16” is the standard for residential purposes.Is it safe to use a pressure washer or power washer on PVC decks?Yes but you should pay attention to the power level when using any gas-powered pressure washer. These machines can strip paint and damage composit...Will sharp pet claws damage PVC decking?That should not be a problem as PVC can handle the largest of dogs with ease although the wrong color may be too warm for their paws in the summer...How long with the best PVC decks last on average?Manufacturers may have different timespans for specific product lines but we found that 20 years is about the average lifespan of PVC decking. The...【Get Price】

What is the least expensive deck material?

What is the least expensive deck material? The cheapest decking material is pressure treated wood. You can expect to pay between $. 75 and $1.25 per linear foot for 5/4x6 ACQ treated decking from a big box store. Click to see full answer.【Get Price】

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Jul 12 2021 Deck material options with the lowest upfront costs typically include pressure-treated lumber and some composite products. However despite a popular belief in the marketplace wood isn’t inherently less expensive than composite decking. And after those upfront costs for wood? Then come those maintenance demands you’ve read so much about.【Get Price】